The simple recipe to retire early

Early retirement, what a nice thought! But is it possible?  Simply put, in order to retire, you need a certain amount of money. To retire early, you need more money and sooner. So is it possible? Yes it is.

There is no magic though. Unless you were born rich, you have to do 2 important and basic things: save and invest. That’s the base for the recipe!

Save and invest

We will detail later why both saving and investing are necessary. However, most of this is an effort to explain, discuss and demonstrate simply how to save and invest wisely in order to retire sooner.

  • To save, means you have to have at least some income and that you need to control how you spend it.We will consider different areas where you can save such as Food, Entertainment, Transportation, etc…
  • To invest, means you have to choose where you are going to put the money that you saved. There are many options available, from conservative to risky, time-consuming to self-maintained. I have tried a few types of investments myself, so we’ll compare and review as many as possible.

Oh, we’ll also discuss things to avoid. One of them is debt. Debt is THE arch-enemy of retirement.  Many other tips will be presented. For example, how to optimize your credit card that looks like chocolatebiggest expense: tax. We’ll also share tips on how to live well with a lot less. Let’s apply the simple recipe to successfully save and invest!

Preconceived ideas

There are a lot of misconceptions about retiring sooner. The majority of people don’t realize how much they can actually save, how much they actually need in order to retire and how much they can make by investing wisely. So, the most important aspect of retiring sooner is not a financial one, it’s a psychological one. credit card that looks like chocolateEliminating a lot of preconceived ideas (for example, why you really don’t need a big pickup truck 😉 ) and being open to new ideas (for example, how you can save thousands of dollars on toilet paper :)  ) is an essential first step toward early retirement.

All of this does take some discipline, but at the end of the day, it’s improving your quality of life that motivates us to retire early. What I found interesting is, the moment you embark on this journey, you see immediate and tangible benefits. My personal goal is to be able to retire before the age of 40, which means, I have less than 5 years to implement and share the recipe I propose here. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I’ll share both successes and mistakes I make along the way, and hopefully you can learn from them. Please, feel free to share your own recipe as well.

Welcome to, THE blog that helps you retire early!






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